Puppy / Dog Visits, Abingdon
Dog home visits when you need a helping hand The health, happiness and well-being of your dog is our top priority
K9 Walking: Dog Walker, Puppy/Home Visits, Dog Taxi - Abingdon - design image
K9 Walking: Dog Walker, Puppy/Home Visits, Dog Taxi - Abingdon - design image

Puppy Visits / Dog Visits

K9 Walking offer a reliable puppy/dog visit service for those dog owners in the Abingdon area who need someone to pop in and attend to their dog or puppy whilst they are at work or away.

This service can be particularly beneficial for those with puppies who require feeding several times a day, are trying to establish toilet training or are worried about their puppies developing unwanted behaviour from being left alone for long periods whilst their owner is working. 

Dog visits are equally helpful to those with older dogs whose bladder control is not what it once was or those whose dog is recovering from sickness or injury and requires regular checks and/or medicine administration throughout the day.

Our dog/puppy visits can include:

  • Garden toilet break
  • Garden play
  • Short walk
  • Cleaning up of accidents
  • Feeding
  • Fresh water
  • Basic training
  • Medicine Administration
  • Cuddles and fusses

We offer 30 minute and 1 hour puppy/dog visits.

If you are a dog owner in the Abingdon, Drayton, Milton, Chilton, Wantage, Hanney, Steventon, Harwell, Frilford, Didcot area looking for an experienced and caring dog carer to visit your puppy or dog when you are away from home then it would be great to hear from you so please contact K9 Walking to discuss how we can help you.

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